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We've made creating Photo Knowdz
as easy as 1, 2, 3

So you've spent time and effort creating a detailed cognitive map of a topic you're revising. Normally you'd file this in a folder, and in a few weeks time you may lose it or spill coffee all over it. But not now!

Cognitive map of Kidney

Examstutor has created Photo Knowdz so you can use your mobile device's camera to take a photo of the map you've just created, and file it in your own Knowdz Binder on examstutor, which you can access whenever and where ever you need it, on your mobile, tablet, laptop or pc.

You'll find Photo Knowdz in each of your examstutor subject areas when you log into examstutor on your mobile device, and we've made taking Photo Knowdz as easy as 1, 2, 3

Please Note : Photo Knowdz may not be supported on older mobile devices. For example Android devices require 3.0 Honeycomb or above whilst Apple devices require ios 6 or above. Visit us on your mobile device to check if this feature is available to you.

Photo Knowdz  

Step One is to take a photo of your map. To access your camera simply click the Choose File button. This will allow you to Take a Photo or Choose an Existing Photo.

Photo Knowdz

Knowdz does not yet accept video content, but maybe one day soon :)

Photo Knowdz  

Unless you have already taken your photo you'll probably want to click Take Photo. This will open your camera ready for you to take that shot. Simply hold your mobile over the map. Make sure you frame your photo to include all your notation, but try to keep as tight into the map as you can.

Framing Tip : If you created your map on an A4 sheet a good framing trick is to put your elbows on the desk either side of the map and hold your mobile over the map. That distance is often about right for framing your photo and helps keep your camera steady.

Once you're happy with the framing and focus of your shot, you can take your first of many Photo Knowdz.

Your photo will be displayed and you'll be asked if you want to Use this Photo or Retake the shot. Once your happy click the Use Photo option in your camera.

Photo Knowdz  

You'll be instantly returned to Photo Knowdz, where you will see a small thumbnail of your photo and the phrase 1 photo, next to the Choose File button.

Step Two is to tell examstutor where in your Knowdz Binder you want this photo to be filed. Simply click the Select Topic drop down, and if you've selected your RevisionPathway in the subject, all your Units and topics will appear for you to pick the most relevant topic.

Photo Knowdz  

Finally Step 3 lets you to tag the photo with a micro note, which we call a #note. You can describe the map in more detail, or if the topic option you selected in Step 2 was too general you can identify the subtopic this map considers. You can even attach a quick Flash Card style question, using the #note recall feature. Remember you need to keep this #note to 140 characters or less, and there's a character counter on the screen to help you do this.

Once you've finished just click the Go button at the bottom of the screen

Photo Knowdz

Photo Knowdz  

Because the photo you're sending examstutor is roughly 2MB in size, you'll need to wait normally about 30 seconds or so for it to upload. Examstutor will optimise your photo, so it will download much faster in future, whilst still remaining readable on all your devices.

Upload Tip: The quickest and most economic option is to upload your Photo Knowdz when you're in a wireless zone, at school, college or home. Once uploaded your optimised Photo Knowdz can be easily accessed where ever you are.

You'll then be shown a larger thumbnail version of your Photo Knowdz, and both the highlight and recall versions of your #note.

That's it, you can now revise with this and all your other Knowdz where ever you are on your mobile, tablet, laptop or pc in the Knowdz area on examstutor.

Big Plus : If you join with friends to form subject TutorGroups on examstutor, all the Photo Knowdz you each create are shared instantly amongst everyone in your TutorGroup.

Photo Knowdz

Photo Knowdz   Photo Knowdz

All the Knowdz you've created are listed in your Knowdz Binder, alongside any Knowdz created by your friends if you're in a TutorGroup. You can view a magnified version of each of your Photo Knowdz, allowing you to revise every part of your map.

Photo Knowdz  

Photo Knowdz Tip: Maps aren't the only things you can create Photo Knowdz with, perhaps you've made notes in the margin of a poem, or found a great diagram or your solution to a particularly difficult maths problem, you might even take Photo Knowdz of the board in class, if your teacher lets you.