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Welcome to our Maths Study Room, here we have combined the knowledge of our subject specialist with a database of reviewed online resources that will help you prepare for your GCSE Mathematics Intermediate and Higher Exams and A level Pure Maths Exams based on the current Maths syllabus across the main exam board specifications.

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  GCSE Maths



Studyroom page 1 Solving Linear Equations, Changing the Subject of a Formula, Solving Inequalities
Studyroom page 2 Drawing Linear Equations, Solving Simultaneous Equations, by drawing graphs, Substitution and Elimination, Regions
Studyroom page 3 Expanding Brackets, Factorising Expressions and Quadratics, Solving Quadratic Equations by Factorising
Studyroom page 4 Linear Graphs, The General Equation of a Straight Line, Finding Equations of Straight Lines, Drawing Graphs of Non-Straight Lines / Curves, Number series and finding the nth term
Studyroom page 5 Graphs of Quadratic Functions and Transformations
Studyroom page 6 Solving Quadratic Equations - Solving quadratic equations by drawing graphs, using the formulae and factorisation, Completing the square, Solving quadratic equations by completing the square, the difference of two squares.
Studyroom page 7 Simplifying Algebraic Fractions.
Studyroom page 8 Direct and Indirect Proportionality.
Studyroom page 9 Graphical Solutions and the Equation of a Circle, Graphical solutions of equations, by drawing a suitable straight line, Graphical solutions of equations, by drawing a suitable graph, The equation of a circle.

  Data Handling

Studyroom page 1 Mean, Mode and Median from a List of Numbers, a Frequency and Group Frequency Tables
Studyroom page 2 Stem and Leaf Diagrams, Median, Upper and Lower Quartiles, Inter-Quartile Range from a Stem and Leaf Diagram, Frequency Polygon and Frequency Diagrams
Studyroom page 3 Box and Whisker Diagrams, Box - Plots, Median from a Cumulative Frequency Graph
Studyroom page 4 Probability, What is Probability, Writing Probability, Mutually Exclusive Events
Studyroom page 5 Probability, one event and more than one event, Listing Outcomes, Probability - use of OR - use of AND, Tree Diagrams
Studyroom page 6 Probability, the OR and AND Rules


Studyroom page 1 Ratios, Calculating Percentages, Simple and Compound Interest, Percentage Loss and Percentage Gain, 4 Rules of Fractions
Studyroom page 2 Prime Trees and Product of Primes, Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple, Correcting to Decimal Places and Significant Figure, Fractions in Order of Size, Standard Form, Calculations in Standard Form, Rules of Indicies
Studyroom page 3 Decimals, Indices and Surds, Decimals, Indices and Surds - Conversion of recurring decimals to vulgar fractions, The six rules of indices, The manipulation of surds, Upper and lower bounds, limits

  Shape, Space and Measures

Studyroom page 1 Parts of a Circle and Circle Theorems
Studyroom page 2 Simple Angle Facts and Areas of Plane Figures
Studyroom page 3 Pythagoras theorem and Trigonometric Ratios
Studyroom page 4 The Circle and Pi
Studyroom page 5 Volume, Surface Area and Dimensions of Expressions
Studyroom page 6 Constructions and Loci
Studyroom page 7 Enlargement and Similar Shapes
Studyroom page 8 Transformations, Enlargement, Reflection, Rotation and Translation
Studyroom page 9 Bearings
Studyroom page 10 Three-Dimensional Trigonometry.
Studyroom page 11 Area of triangle sector and segment, finding the angle subtended at the centre of the circle
Studyroom page 12 The Sine Rule
Studyroom page 13 The Cosine Rule
Studyroom page 14 Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
Studyroom page 15 Similar shapes. Linear Scale Factor, Area Scale Factor, Volume Scale Factor and Congruent triangles, SAS, AAS, SSS, RHS
Studyroom page 16 Vectors, Vectors,on square paper, Describing and drawing vectors, Vectors, on plain paper

  Maths A Level


  Pure Core 1

Studyroom page 1 Polynomials - Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication
Studyroom page 2 Polynomials - Factorising
Studyroom page 3 Completing the Square
Studyroom page 4 Sketching Quadratic Graphs
Studyroom page 5 Solving Linear and Quadratic Inequalities
Studyroom page 6 Solving Quadratic Equations - Fatorisation and Completing the Square
Studyroom page 7 Solving Quadratic Equations - Quadratic Formulae and the Discriminant
Studyroom page 8 Solving Simultaneous Equations - Substitution and Intersection of a line and a curve
Studyroom page 9 Gradient of a straight line and General Equation of a straight line
Studyroom page 10 Gradient, General Equation of a straight line, Parallel and Perpendicular lines
Studyroom page 11 Curve Sketching - Transforming Quadratic and Cubic graphs
Studyroom page 12 Curve Sketching - Transformation of graph y=f(x) - Drawing and Describing
Studyroom page 13 Sequences and Series (Part 1) - Describing Sequences, using position and nth term
Studyroom page 14 Sequences and Series (Part 2) - Sum of first n terms
Studyroom page 15 Sequences and Series (Part 3) - Sigma notation
Studyroom page 16 Sequences and Series (Part 4) - Arithmetic Progressions (AP)
Studyroom page 17 Sequences and Series (Part 5) - term to term formulae for an (AP)
Studyroom page 18 Sequences and Series (Part 6) - the three formulae for an (AP)
Studyroom page 19 Sequences and Series (Part 7) - the three formulae for an (AP)
Studyroom page 20 Sequences and Series (Part 8) - sum of natural numbers of an (AP)
Studyroom page 21 Indices (Part 1) - the six rules of indices
Studyroom page 22 Indices (Part 2) - Solving equations involving indices
Studyroom page 23 Indices (Part 3) - Solving equations with unknown powers
Studyroom page 24 Surds (Part 1) - Manipulation, Multiplication, Addition and Simplifying
Studyroom page 25 Surds (Part 2) - Rationalising the denominator
Studyroom page 26 Sequences and Series (Part 9) - What is a Geometric Progression, Finding the nth term, un, of a GP
Studyroom page 27 Sequences and Series (Part 10) - Finding the sum of the first n terms of a GP
Studyroom page 28 Sequences and Series (Part 11) - Finding the sum to infinity of a GP
Studyroom page 29 Calculus (Part 1) - The Gradient of a straight line, a curve, a tangent and dy/dx
Studyroom page 30 Calculus (Part 2) - Differentiation with f(x), fractional indices and negative indices
Studyroom page 31 Calculus (Part 3) -Finding the gradient to a point on a curve, and the equation of a tangent to a curve
Studyroom page 32 Calculus (Part 4) - Tangent and Normal, finding the coordinates of a point on the curve with a given gradient, and the equation of a normal to a curve
Studyroom page 33 Calculus (Part 5) - Integration, and Integrating functions
Studyroom page 34 Calculus (Part 6) - More Integration, and integrating harder functions
Studyroom page 35 Calculus (Part 7) - Finding the constant of integration, and the general and particular solution for a curve given the gradient function

  Pure Core 2

Studyroom page 1 Trigonometry (Part 1) - Labelling the triangle, Using the Sine Rule to find a side, and an angle
Studyroom page 2 Trigonometry (Part 2) - Sine rule, the ambiguous case
Studyroom page 3 Trigonometry (Part 3) - Using the Cosine Rule to find a side, and an angle
Studyroom page 4 Trigonometry (Part 4) - Radians and degrees, Finding the length of an arc and area of a sector, using radians

  Pure Core 3

Studyroom page 1 Algebra Fractions (Part 1) - Simplifying algebraic fractions
Studyroom page 2 Algebra Fractions (Part 2) - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Fractions
Studyroom page 3 Algebra Fractions (Part 3) - Improper Fractions and Division of Polynomials
Studyroom page 4 Functions (Part 1) - Finding a rule, The Domain and Range and Types of functions
Studyroom page 5 Functions (Part 2) - Function defined by a discrete domain, and Function defined by a continuous domain
Studyroom page 6 Functions (Part 3) - Simple problems and Function notation
Studyroom page 7 Functions (Part 4) - Combining functions
Studyroom page 8 Functions (Part 5) - The inverse function
Studyroom page 9 Exponentials and Logarithims (Part 1) - Exponential functions and their graphs
Studyroom page 10 Exponentials and Logarithims (Part 2) - Exponential growth/decay the inverse of ex, and Solving equations with inverses
Studyroom page 11 Exponentials and Logarithims (Part 3) - Sketching and Transforming exponential function graphs
Studyroom page 12 Exponentials and Logarithims (Part 4) - Graphs of exponential functions and their inverses
Studyroom page 13 Numerical Methods (Part 1) - Numerical methods, graphical solutions, and the changing of the sign of a function f(x)
Studyroom page 14 Numerical Methods (Part 2) - Graphical solutions, Intersection of 2 graphs
Studyroom page 15 Numerical Methods (Part 3) - The Iterative process and finding and using an Iterative formula
Studyroom page 16 Numerical Methods (Part 4) - Solving a quadratic equation by iteration
Studyroom page 17 Numerical Methods (Part 5) - Solving a cubic equation by iteration
Studyroom page 18 Numerical Methods (Part 6) - Solving a cubic equation by iteration (continued)
Studyroom page 19 Numerical Methods (Part 7) - Solving other equations by iteration
Studyroom page 20 Transforming graphs of functions (Part 1) - The Modulus Function
Studyroom page 21 Transforming graphs of functions (Part 2) - Solving equations involving a modulus
Studyroom page 22 Transforming graphs of functions (Part 3) - Transformations of the graph y = f(x), and Combinations of 2 or more Transformations

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