Examstutor is used by individual students, schools and colleges across the UK and overseas. We are constantly working to develop and improve the support we provide students, and regularly submit our resources for independent evaluation and review. Below you will find a selection of independently generated student reviews of examstutor. These are real reviews written by individual students, independently gathered by the University of Nottingham.


Examstutor Review : Student A

The study room was the most useful for me when it came to revising business studies as I was able to summarize the information and make additional notes. Although I made notes using my textbook, the study room helped me to condense them even further whilst highlighting the main areas that I need to revise.

Also taking the mock test with the multiple choice answers after each topic helped me to understand the topics better before moving onto the next topic.

The individual fact sheets for business were very useful, such as the balance sheet. It showed me why this particular financial document was important, how to interpret it and the key terms used on different documents. I printed these fact-sheets off and highlighted the main information, which again helped me learn all about the finance and accounting module.

The exam hall was also a big help as lots of past exam questions and mark schemes were easily available. However I think there are areas which can be further developed. There was no revision material or past exam papers for my other subject which is sociology. I think revising for sociology the way I did for business studies (using the study room and exam hall) would have helped me revise over the theory better therefore making revision more organized.

I found the report card to be a big help when it came to deciding on what topics I needed to concentrate on and revise more for. It showed me the average of my mock exams for each module compared to what the exams tutor average is.

Overall, I thought the exams tutor web site helped me a lot with my revision. My revision was more focused and organised as I went through each topic whilst referring back to the text book and class notes. Also, the multiple choice tests helped me to understand each topic after I had made notes on it.


Examstutor Review : Student B

I think that the website is really helpful, especially for Biology notes, where topics such as Respiration are explained very well. The 'Study Room' is the area I used most, to fill gaps in my notes, or to read a different perspective of a certain topic. The 'Podtutor' sounds like a great idea, although my 'podcasts' for my subject areas haven’t been activated yet. I think that it would be even better if the files could maybe be played in windows media player, because not everyone has an iPod, and although there is a link to download iTunes given, iTunes converts all media files on the computer in to iPod form.

The 'Study Room' would be slightly better maybe, if the notes for each small topic were on one page, rather than split in to even smaller segments, because I would prefer to have one page open, and to scroll down to the areas I need to view whilst answering an exam question, rather than having to click a link and wait for the next page to load.

The 'Test Score' section looks good, although I haven’t used it much, because I prefer to do practice papers, and write answers, rather than type. However, the questions look very good, and are split in to easy-to-handle topics.


Examstutor Review : Student C

I think examstutor is an amazing site, it has lots of things you can go onto such as a study room in which you can go through all the theory work for your subject, an exam hall where you can do some practice papers, you can always check your report card to see how your getting on, and test score where you can test your knowledge it also has podcast so you can revise on the move! There are 8 different A level subjects you can revise for.

This site is really good as it if for instance you click on study hall it comes up with all the topics you do, and it shows what exam board supports the information they have given, and it also tells you if the information is for as or a level. This really helps you revise. As sometimes you go onto a revision site which looks useful but doesn’t actually say if it is suitable for you.

There is a science research watch which has loads of topics you can look at which I think is really useful, as it has a section on medicine in the U.K, which would be really useful to look at for not just exams but also interviews. The chemistry lab consist of a chemistry illustrator and an interactive periodic table, which are also really good to look at as it make a lot for sense to see things interactive it make more sense.


Examstutor Review : Student D

The site is easy to access with clear and easy to begin with system. The subjects covered in the revision guide are not relevant to the course I am currently taking. My course is based on completion of assignments rather than exam based and there is less useful for my personnel guidance.

There are clear guides on following through the questions. Making it very easy to carry out revision in small easy to understand sections. It was good to have the options of subscribing to different areas of optional extra revision guides. This would have been better if it had all been incorporated together. The exam area was useful in that it was easy to access and download examination questions. The support and guidance available from this site will be of great help for all of the relevant subjects. It is presented very clearly in an easy to read and visually friendly format.


Examstutor Review : Student E

I thought the examstutor website was a really easy to use and is a helpful resource. The site is very self explanatory and user friendly.

I especially found the pod tutor really helpful; it explains really clearly on the site how to use it and what it does. The pod casts themselves are really informative and the diagram’s and extra information was also really useful, I really likes how you can choose what you learn about by which pod cast you listen too so you can easily get to the topic you whish to learn about, it makes revising a lot easier as you can listen to it easily when you may not have all your books and revision material with you. The site has everything you need in one place. The past exam papers are really useful to refer to, and are easy to access and view. I found it really helpful that the mark schemes were in the same place too so you can check you answers easily and switch between the questions and answers.

Study room, like the rest of the site it was really easy to navigate, the units are broken down into topics making revision a lot simpler. The information is then split up into easy to read sections. The links on the left are really helpful as all related pages and topics within that unit are listed with the facility of being able to test yourself on that section as an option at the bottom so you can grade your performance and see which area’s need improvement.

Overall I think this site is an amazing revision aid, it has really up to date methods of revision like the pod tutor and more classic method like past exam papers. It makes revision a lot easier as everything you need is in one place and the information is very easy to understand. I really like how user friendly the site is and how easy it is to navigate.


Examstutor Review : Student F

When I first logged in to the Examstutor website I found that the homepage was easy to get to grips with. The homepage offered clear instructions to what I was supposed to do and how to use the website efficiently. One of the ways in which it did this was by placing the most important links in the middle of the page so that they were easy to spot and use.

Whilst studying for my physics and chemistry exams and re-sits I found that there were a lot of resources that help me. They helped me because I could find the area of the specification that I needed to re-visit and was able to locate information about that topic easier than having to look in a book. It also put the information into a nicer and easier to read context than what the book did so I found it easier to revise from.

Another thing to help you revise is the test and past papers that are available on the website. I found these useful because instead of having to use an entire paper I could focus on the individual topic questions. This therefore meant that I was not going over things that I was confident on but the things in which I struggled with.

Furthermore I found out when I close the page without logging out that you get locked out from the website, which is a useful feature because it means that nobody else would be able to get on the website with your username. I was quite fortunate however because the same thing happened to my friend so he told me to put my email address into my details so if it does happen they would send me the link to unblock the website.


Examstutor Review : Student G

After exploring the examstutor website and the study resources it has to offer, I have found it to be extremely useful for that extra help needed during exam periods. In my opinion the ‘Study Room’ section has been the most helpful, presenting information in a clear, concise and understandable way, backed up by diagrams on all topics covered at both AS and A2. For certain topics the website also gives lists of all key words needed for that particular section, something that is rarely found in text books but a great help. I also found the ‘exam advice’ throughout beneficial, giving advice on exactly what is needed and what is not in the exam. Practice exam questions are always a must; however I have not used this section as the exam questions available for biology are not for my exam board specification – AQA B. Again, I have not used the ‘Test Your Knowledge’ section as there were no tests specific to the current module I was studying, although I think this combined with the ‘Report Card’ are an excellent idea, allowing students to track their progress and focus revision on weaker areas.

One criticism I do have of Examstutor.com is the fact that they only cover 8 subject areas and I feel they should have resources available for a variety of subjects, making the site available to more students. Out of the 3 subjects I am studying myself, only 1 – biology, was covered on Exams tutor. However saying this, I would not hesitate to recommend the revision site to other students studying subjects that are already covered and will definitely be using Exams tutor again in the summer to aid my biology revision.


Examstutor Review : Student H

The exams tutor website is very helpful, especially if I’ve missed notes or tables in my class's at college, there really easy to use and topics are easy to find them so I don't have to search through pages to find what I want the search engine is quite useful as well and quick use, in addition, I like how the pages are divided into the different exam boards. I think that if the past exam pages showed the questions on different topic, instead of the different units, but overall and good. The podcasts help me out as well, seeing as there on iTunes, makes them simple to add to my iPod to listen to on the bus to colleges and I can listen to the subject I’m doing in class. The report card, being on the home page reminds me what I’m not as good at and should study more.


Examstutor Review : Student I

After exploring the Examstutor website I have found it very useful and there are certain parts of the site that I found extremely useful.

Firstly I thought that it was very good how you have a student report card which keeps track of how you have done in the tests within the website. Although I haven’t completed any of the tests yet I thought that this was a very good feature and will definitely be using it when preparing for my exams. Furthermore especially with the business part of the website I found that there are notes on a number of sections that need to be covered for my exam and so it is very useful having these notes. In addition to this you are able to print of the notes and so I thought that this would be useful for me when revising. Moreover in the history section of the website it has a number of links to other websites on a variety of topics and I found this to be very useful as it provides me with a wider range of places to make notes for my exams. There were sections for all three areas of history that we have been studying for our exams and so I thought that this was extremely useful. Finally the website has a number of past papers which you can do and I thought that this would be very useful as you don’t need to go on the exam board’s website to get the past papers.

Although I have found Examstutor to be useful I do believe there are some areas of the website that could be improved and they include the following. Firstly I think that the website would be improved if there was a wider range of subjects to choose from, out of the four A Levels that I study Examstutor only offer resources for two of them, Business and History. So I thought that more subjects would greatly improve the website.

Overall after looking at the Examstutor website I think that it is very useful and I feel it is going to be a great help for preparing me for my exams.


Examstutor Review : Student J

As I am struggling with finding time to revise for my psychology exams in the summer, I was pleased to find that there was plenty of information and guidance on the site for me to browse through.

I liked how once you clicked on the subject the different modules were laid out simply, so it was easy to choose an area to focus on. I chose dreaming as it is something I find hard to take in at college, and I thought it was great that there were reference resources that I could look at and apply to my current knowledge of the topic.

I then went on to the Psychology Exam Hall section. What I thought was good about this area was the mock exam questions that had been provided, as you can jot the question down and create a plan for it to help you become more confident with the type of questions that may be asked in the exam.

What I also liked about the website is the area where you can take part in a test, although it was rather hard to answer some of the questions if you haven't done a sufficient amount of revision; in this case the website would perhaps be more beneficial after going through each topic thoroughly and then using the website to practice your skills.

Overall, the site is extremely helpful and I will definitely consider using it in the weeks leading up to my exams.


Examstutor Review : Student K

Examstutor.com is a well laid-out website with a good wealth of revision sources. The study rooms have a lot of good content such as the individual points are concisely summarised in paragraphs, clearly labelled and descriptive paragraphs are used, and the questions at the end of the section help you to make sure you understand the content. I think that this is an excellent part of the website and a fantastic way to study.

The exam hall is very interesting. I prefer to do whole, complete exam papers, but as I come to the completion of my modules I can see how having a “jump to a direct type of question” function would be very useful for filling in the blanks in my knowledge. The examiner’s report is very useful, it gives a more complete idea of exactly what kind of ideas to include, which was particularly useful for the thought experiment questions in cosmology. I have been using my normal method, of doing whole papers online, but will start doing more specialized questions in the later part of my studying.

Test score is a wonderful little piece and should be included in all revision websites, it’s almost like a little game, and you can try to beat your personal best (reset the high-score). I’m not certain that all of the questions were relevant to my course though (OCR) – perhaps including a function separating the different exam boards on this section would be useful.

Research watch is very interesting, great to look at just before an interview to make sure you’re up to speed, and fantastic just out of pure interest in the subject. It is a fantastic part of the website and I am truly impressed by it.

The Report card section is a good idea and I’m sure works for most people, but I just think back and look at the past papers I’ve done to see what parts I’m not doing very well in. This section did not interest me that much.


Examstutor Review : Student L

I have found the exams tutor website a very useful revision tool. I think that the main advantage of this revision tool is the scope of the individual revision techniques. I believe the key to successful revision is a varied number of learning techniques. Examstutor allows students to use a range of techniques to find which works best for them. This makes the website useful for almost every type of learner.

For example, some students are audio learners. They find it easiest to be taught something if they are being told and can hear the information that is being given to them. To meet this need, exams tutor has a range of downloadable audio tutorials. I think these are a fantastic addition to anyone's revision techniques. I found that these helped me to revise even though it did not seem like I was revising. I was able to get on with my day to day jobs whilst revising listening to audio.

I really liked the test score feature. This feature allows you to take a quick test to refresh your memory and assess how well you know the particular subject area.


Examstutor Review : Student M

Examstutor. com has given me the ability to review/compare my own progress (report card) and therefore organize and prioritize my time more effectively and find the right balance between subjects and topics (revision pathways) . I think it's the all in one revision tool, and because it's injunction with so many other colleges, students, and universities it gives you the reassurance of quality and the feeling you're not alone. Since January the site has developed and progress leaps and bounds, logging on now and from the first log in it seems like a transformed site, and you can tell it's due to a combined student-operator effort.

Being an A-level student we all have our own way of doing things, no matter how many revision sessions I attended and nodded politely I knew I wasn't going to buy that stupid voice recorder, or even bother to fill in that year-timetable. But Examstutor allows you to experience and do everything that you can do in class without the teacher, whilst seeing which kind of revision technique suits you the most. Examstutor have all the links to the most trusted research sites (History) and has all the exams papers from all leading exam boards, which cuts out Google every two minutes, and stuffing all those A5 non-readable/partly cut off exam papers into my bag from school. I use Examstutor regularly for Biology, it allows me to widen my revision period, and subconsciously plan ahead. It's progressional revision which I think is vital for the amount of work for summer and relieves pressure already mounted to get the required grades. Having this programme is more of a reassurance than anything else because I can lose books, notes or even miss a class and still have the reliability of top quality resources and notes.

Don't get me wrong, Examstutor hasn't dramatically converted my revision technique and relieved me from the chains of pen and paper but simply made the whole process of revision easier and simpler. I would definitely recommend it.


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