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What is examstutor ?

Successfully passing GCSE exams is no easy task. Students sit GCSEs in 10 or more subjects, each exam testing their knowledge and understanding in detail. GCSEs are one of the biggest challenges students ever have to face. So success in these exams is a great achievement which students and their families rightly celebrate.

But... after a well earned summer break, students return to study
A levels and quickly discover they have taken on an even
greater challenge.

A levels are very different from GCSEs, and there is little time for students to acclimatise to these differences before they face their first set of AS exams in May / June. With far greater emphasis placed on higher order thinking skills of analysis and evaluation, and the sheer amount of subject content to revise for each exam, and now little opportunity to resit individual papers, many students struggle to evidence their true ability in a subject under the stress of exam conditions.

With competition for university places at its highest there is no room for failure, even in this first set of AS exams. Many students do not appreciate that UCAS applications include AS exam results, as well as final predicted grades. Many Universities place more emphasis on an applicants actual exam performance at AS, than on predicted grades or personal statements, particularly when offering places on their most sought after Degree courses.

A level Exams start

A level Exams Sherpa

What every student needs as they take those first steps at A level is a guide, their own personal exam 'Sherpa'. Someone who has years of experience helping students acquire the revision and exam techniques they need to conquer this huge challenge. Someone who knows the best routes towards exam success and can support them every step of the way. Well that's examstutor, your own personal exam Sherpa.

What's a Sherpa ? Sherpas live in the most mountainous region of Nepal, high in the Himalaya. Sherpas are regarded as elite mountaineers and expert guides, particularly for expeditions to climb Mt. Everest. The most famous Sherpa is Tenzing Norgay, the climbing partner of Sir Edmund Hillary who in 1953 became the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Unlike a real Sherpa, we don't live in Nepal, (North London actually). But we have helped thousands of students face the challenge of A levels to reach their goal of attending University. In fact, a number of leading Universities currently use examstutor to help A level students achieve the target grades they require, as well as schools and colleges across the UK.

Like a Sherpa - we will not carry you. Every step must be taken by you. We can't make the climb any less challenging, but we can make your revision easier and more structured, providing you with skills and techniques proven to improve exam performance, and give you access to a wealth of revision resources covering many of the core topics you may be examined on. Support which you can call on where ever and when ever you need it, at school/college, at home, on your laptop/pc and mobile devices.

Please Note : Subscribing to examstutor does not guarantee
A level exam success, but it is one big step towards it : )

A level Exams One step at a time

So read on if you want to know more about examstutor and the support we provide, and let us help you reach the heights of A level exam success.


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