Your ReportCard.

RevisionTracker tracks your revision - then helps you use this information to revise more productively. The more you revise with examstutor, the more we learn about you and how you revise. Simply log into examstutor whenever you’re revising on your laptop, pc or mobile, to get support in each of your subjects, and at the same time capture a complete record of your revision.


Your Revision at a glance

All your tracked revision is graphically presented in RevisionTracker providing a snapshot of your daily and cumulative progress, revealing how hard your revising in comparison to other students. Taking into account the revision you've already logged, and how much time is left before your exams, we then set you an achievable RevisionGoal for this point in the academic year.

Know how hard your revising

By logging your revision, examstutor can tell you how hard you’re revising throughout the year. Examstutor tracks the revision behaviour of thousands of students each day, and your RevisionGoal tells you at a glance how hard your revising in comparison. If your giving '110%' we’ll tell you so, and when you need to step up your revision we’ll help you do so.

As your exams draw closer examstutor will increase your RevisionGoal, based on how much revision you’ve already done and how much time is left before your exams. By giving a full picture of your personal revision behaviour RevisionTracker not only motivates you to revise more, but revise more productively in those last few weeks.


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