A Level (GCE) and GCSE exams in a subject will vary dependent on which exam board you are studying under, and it's important that you familiarise yourself with your exam board's specifications. This key document outlines all the topics you will be examined on, and how these topics are divided amongst your exam papers.

Examstutor provides each student with ability to select a RevisionPathway based on their exam board specifications, which directs their revision through the core topics they need to revise for each of their exams.

RevisionPathways in each subject can be selected by individual subscribers, individual students from a subscribing school/college, or they can be set by teaching staff for all students of a subscribing school/college from the StaffRoom on examstutor.

RevisionPathways are a new feature on examstutor and we will be building a portfolio of A Level (GCE) and GCSE RevisionPathways over the next few months. If a specific examboard specification is not yet covered, students can still gain full access to all elements of our service by using examstutor's generic RevisionPathway in any subject.

Note for subscribing schools and colleges : Once a RevisionPathway has been set by teaching staff in the StaffRoom, it will apply to all students accessing examstutor using the school's multi-user login. However, students who login using an individual student login, can still select their own RevisionPathway if required. For example, if a part-time student studies a different exam board specification to full-time students, they can still opt to select the correct RevisionPathway for their course.


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