ExamHall an online database of exam questions, mark schemes and examiner reports.

Practicing past and mock exam questions is key to building your confidence developing your exam technique. Our ExamHalls provide quick and easy access to past and mock exam questions, maximising your opportunities to review and attempt exam questions, an essential factor in improving your grades in final exams.

Examhall Quest PDF

Examhall Quest PDF

It is important that you spend as much time as possible reviewing and attempting past exam questions on each topic you need to revise. Whilst exam boards do publish complete past papers, it can be extremely time consumming for students to find useful examples of past questions on each topic they need to revise. ExamHall helps students by providing access to a unique online database referencing literally hundreds of official past exam questions by question topic, providing quick links directly to each question, its' mark scheme and examiners report.

This fully searchable exam question database references questions from all the main UK exam boards including AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. By dramatically reducing the time it takes to find useful examples of past exam questions on each topic you revise, the ExamHall database increases the time you can spend developing your exam technique, time which would otherwise be lost trying to find useful questions.

In addition to referencing official past exam questions, examstutor also commission examiners to create unique mock exam questions for each ExamHall. Focusing on topics which are commonly assessed, and written in a similar style to actual exam questions.

Examhall Mock Question

Each mock exam question is supported by outline answer designed to provide further opportunities for students to improve their exam technique, prior to actual exams.

Examhall Mock Answer


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